Seagull Training Solution

We have spent over twenty years building the complete solution for your crewing challenges. Our comprehensive training system follows seafarers through their career by training, assessing and monitoring every step of their journey.

Seagull takes pride in delivering cost effective training solutions for the maritime industry. Seagull Training Administrator (STA) is the operating system and the backbone behind our comprehensive training and competence management system.

  • A powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for managing all training activities onboard and on shore
  • Onboard training services to increase and revive crew knowledge and verify safe operations through training, drills and exercises
  • A complete career development solution fitted to your ship type and training needs.

One of the most critical issues a shipping company faces today did not exist 20 years ago: not enough competent talent to fill all the necessary positions. 

Thus, it is crucial that the industry continuously renews its focus on how to recruit, train, assess, promote, and retain talented individuals.

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Spend your time on the right applicant.

With our simple recruitment tools you can reduce time spent on screening candidates, by means of ability and knowledge tests. Our CES test is by considerable margins the most used maritime knowledge test, since 1999.

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The Seagull Training App was developed to fulfill our customers’ needs for a better training experience that can be accessed Anytime and Anywhere!

Since the release of Seagull Training App in 2017, we have had a great success – highly rated customer feedback encouraged further development of the product.

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Seagull Training Administrator data can be fully interfaced with your existing HR / Crewing system through our WEB API interface. 

Interface between Seagull and HR / Crewing system

  • Control and maintain personnel data in one application only
  • Access training records directly from your HR/crewing system

Seagull WEB API

  • Integration is flexible and easy
  • Supported by experienced technicians
  • GDPR compliant

Off the shelf integrations

  • Already integrated with many major HR/crewing systems
  • Easily adjustable to how you use your personnel system

In complex maritime operations and when bandwidth is limited, it is essential that data exchange is made easy.

  • An advanced communication protocol that allows the system to communicate and synchronise by the simple medium of e-mail.
  • Installed manually, by using small configuration files, or automatically within your system, at a frequency that is suitable for your operation.
  • Easy for training managers onshore to follow the training progress onboard and stay on track with company requirements.

Designed to be as an integral part of a promotional strategy, Performance Appraisal (PPRO) is a document used to define status of competence requirements and give the constructive feedback for crew members.

PPRO will assist crewing department in the screening of candidates best fitting for promotion, identifying areas of performance, which are good and those, which require an improvement.

PPRO Product Sheet (pdf)

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