Crew Evaluation System (CES)

Designed to evaluate the background knowledge of seafarers, CES is an online assessment tool used to identify training needs specific to knowledge areas defined in STCW.

CES is one of the most used tools in the industry to evaluate crew knowledge; it was developed in 1995 and came with its first online solution in 2010. Since then the system has recorded several million test results and are currently installed with more than 350 companies worldwide. It consists of a question database with over 6500 multiple choice questions, specific to the knowledge areas defined in STCW. CES will assist you in the screening and recruitment process and to measure the knowledge level of existing officers and crew. It can also be used as an integral part of a promotional strategy.

The test function offers predefined test types with advanced randomization of questions to avoid users memorizing specific tests. The following tests are available:

  • STCW test, predefined
  • Detailed test, predefined
  • Company specific test, to be defined by your company
  • Maritime English, Reading and Listening test

Advantages of CES

  • Easy to use from any PC, anywhere, anytime
  • No need for any additional software installation
  • Unlimited access for administration
  • Identify training needs (wrong answer summary report)
  • Test results stored and accessible online
  • Company specific tests immediately available from any location
  • Integrated in Seagull Training Administrator (STA)


CES Product Sheet pdf - 582 Kb

Other Recruitment Tools

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« CES is the tool confirming what many ship operators suspect. With CES, we can construct our own Company-tailored test, use the test editor function or integrate STCW testing to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of any given crew. After analyzing the CES results, we then implement the necessary fleet-wide or individual seafarer training programs. Competence will increase, resulting in more confident seafarers. »

Captain Kor Wormmeester, Crew Manager, Triton Schiffarts GmbH.​

Benchmarking & statistics with CES online

Since becoming an online solution in 2010, CES has tracked more than 1.000.000 test results and is currently installed with more than 300 companies worldwide. This data is now available for your company to benchmark your crew pools against the industry average.

CES Benchmarking & Statistics is the only tool available in the industry where you can benchmark crew knowledge against company and industry standards.

Analyze the CES score of your crew pool and compare it with the global industry standards.
Compare your manning agents to focus on the knowledge level of the crew of each supplier.
Focus the training effort on a group of personnel or those training categories where your crew is scoring lower than the company or industry standards.
Compare details based on rank, nationality and crew pool.

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