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For many years, Seagull Maritime has been at the forefront of delivering tools for assessing competence and performance attributes for seafarers and personnel in the Maritime industry.

In 2015, we began reviewing different personality testing tools identifying Facet5 as the one  we would recommend to our customers, as a complementary tool to our own two core evaluation products:​

Crew Evaluations System (CES) – for knowledge testing

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Ability Profiling (APRO) - for psychometric testing

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We chose Facet5, which is a personality questionnaire specifically designed by Psychologists for use by management in organisations. It produces a comprehensive multi-part report on how an individual behaves at work, including behavior, how best to manage, work strengths, and where individual work preferences may lie.

Facet5 is certified by BPS (British Psychological Society), and the tool has several advantages:

  • There are no good or bad results
  • The results do not require interpretation by a human being
  • The questions are written in such a way that it’s impossible for the candidate to try to figure out what they “should” answer
  • The test is also available in 30+ languages, as some of the questions are quite specific, so it is important for the candidate to fully understand them
  • Tests are quick to complete (about 15-20 minutes each)
  • Tests are based on the global standard of personality testing, known as the Big 5 personality model

We have developed “Reference profiles” for Masters and Chief Engineers so recruiters could match candidates within a chosen norm and see whether the candidate is fit for the role. Seagull Maritime also offers a possibility to develop “Reference profiles” for an individual customer.

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Why choose personality testing?

Management theorists argue that effective management is only possible with a thorough understanding of the employee’s personality, as well as their working situation. Research also shows that a ‘person-centered’ - rather than ‘production-centered’ - management style produces more effective business results in the long term. Therefore, in the field of personnel selection, identifying ways in which one employee differs from another is important.

To do this, we need a model that allows us to look at the different aspects of a person’s personality. That will then allow a greater understanding of the similarities and differences between individuals.

For example, with such a model we can describe behaviour and understand the drives and motives behind it. We can predict behaviour and thereby aid selection decisions, and we can then explain behavior and help people understand how others view them. In short, Facet5 provides a model that helps people understand each other better.

To learn more about the Facet5 testing Seagull Maritime provides, please contact your dedicated Seagull account manager. Alternatively, send us a inquiry via the link below:


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