Great news source for your crew!
Seagull Bulletin

Great news source for your crew!

The ‘Seagull Bulletin’ was launched in November 2017 as a complimentary feature for users of the Seagull Training Administrator (STA) and registered users on the Seagull website. Several of our customers have started using the feature and among them is Grieg Star.

Seagull Bulletin is an electronic publication, bringing news, advice and items of interest from across the marine industry.  It takes the form of short articles, transmitted regularly along with other Training Administrator data, with selected items being reproduced on the website news tab.

“I have been looking at the Bulletin and I find it useful even though some of this is already made public through other newsletters in the industry. For the crew onboard our vessels this is a great source for knowledge and they can see how important it is to keep up with rules and regulations mixed with common sense.” Says Truels Hovde, Marine Superintendent & Training Officer, Grieg Star.


To register for online access to the bulletins you can click the REGISTER button above. To have the Bulletins available offline on your fleet please contact your dedicated Account Manager. 


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