Seagull Bulletin
A maritime news feature

Seagull Bulletin

The ‘Seagull Bulletin’ is a new, complimentary feature for users of the Seagull Training Administrator (STA) and registered users on the Seagull website.

Seagull Bulletin is an electronic publication, bringing news, advice and items of interest from across the marine industry.  It takes the form of short articles, transmitted regularly along with other Training Administrator data, with selected items being reproduced on the website news tab.

The Bulletin page can be customised by each end-user, allowing full viewing of all articles or filtering by topic category, as well as seen and unseen articles.

In some cases, the articles are press releases from other sources, but many of the articles are written, or modified, by Seagull correspondents, all of whom are from a marine or media background.

We believe this new feature will add value to both existing and prospect customers, giving them insight about the maritime industry in form of short and informative articles. To get access from our website click the "Bulletin" button and register your details. If you let your browser remember your details, you only have to click the loginbuttin next time and your details will be stored when using the same device. 


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