Crew Evaluation System
New question groups and improved content!

Crew Evaluation System

Crew Evaluation System (CES) is the preferred tool among ship operators to evaluate the background knowledge of your seafarers. With CES, you can construct your own Company-tailored test using the test editor function or integrate STCW testing to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of any given crew. After analyzing the CES results, you can easily implement the necessary fleet-wide or individual seafarer training programs. Competence will increase, resulting in more confident seafarers.

CES is a tool that follows a continuous update and development plan within Seagull Maritime software and training content team. We are now ready to release the newest update to CES, introducing CES 5.3.1 In this version you will find new STCW and detailed tests for Pure Car Carriers in addition to STCW tests for offshore vessels. Furthermore, 9 question groups for Pure Car Carriers with a total of almost 450 questions have been developed.  More than that, a total of almost 1900 questions have been completely revised since 2015, making sure almost 40% of the questions now are revised to reflect new amendments to STCW. There have also been added question groups for Management, Operational and Support level within Seismic, PSV and Anchor handler specific vessel type. The next major revision of question groups will be within the function area of Navigation.

To know more about how CES can be a valuable tool for you when screening and evaluating both new and existing crew, please make contact with your dedicated Seagull account manager or find relevant information on the below link. 


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