Cyber Security – are you prepared?

Cyber Security – are you prepared?

A recent article in Seatrade Maritime News states that while cyber security has become a lot more in focus onshore in offices for shipping companies the level of protection onboard vessels is yet to catch up, leaving a vulnerability for cyber criminals to exploit. A lack of cyber security onboard vessels can act as backdoor for hackers to get into onshore corporate systems.

“Studies have found that the human element still accounts for 90 per cent of all cyber security breaches, this means that regular trainings and awareness campaigns are central to any cyber security initiative,”
Knut Ørbeck-Nilssen, CEO DNV GL – Maritime.

Seagull Maritime can help you with the first essential steps in building up your cyber security defences. Train your staff and crews using easily accessible e-learning content developed by DNV GL and accessible through our training portals. By completing three short but informative e-learning modules and following a small procedure you can also have your crew training verified with a course diploma showing that they have knowledge around the concept of Cyber Security. We developed this course on background from several requests from operators, and we are sure this will be a focus area both when it comes to vetting and port state controls in the imminent future.

The distance course can be used by all staff, both seagoing and shore based. With the increasing use of systems with embedded software on ships and mobile offshore platforms, cyber security is becoming critical not only for data protection, but also for reliable operations. According to Symantec Security Response, “You don’t need as many technical skills to find one person who might be willing, in a moment of weakness, to open up an attachment that contains malicious content.” 97% of attacks actually consist of trying to trick a user using social engineering techniques. 


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