Automate follow-up of training activity

Automate follow-up of training activity

Seagull Maritime have now added a new Training Analytics tool enabling Training Managers to pre-define customized training activity reports and receive these regularly through e-mail, giving you accurate information needed to take action.

This new functionality can be used to generate different visual charts (PDF) or numeric statistics (Excel) based on a pre-defined report criteria. These can then be sent as email attachments at set intervals.

“We believe defining and generating the right reports should be easy for our customers. We have developed, and will continue to improve, these tools to offer clear and concise menus that are easy-to-use, allowing users to access required information in as few clicks as possible”, says Frank Pete, Seagull’s Director Customer Services.

This extended ‘Scheduling’ functionality will be provided to all existing Seagull Maritime customers within the existing license fee

Please contact your Seagull contact person or product advisory for activation and introduction of this new functionality;


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