Seagull Feature Highlights

Seagull Feature Highlights

To help Training Managers to learn about our newest Software updates we are sharing our latest release highlights. 

Upgraded requirements interface available on STA 4.0

The upgraded interface gives the end user an enhanced overview and user experience for navigating the requirements defined for each user. The interface can include images and progress indicators, enabling the user to drill-down in each subject and perform necessary actions to complete the requirements. Examples include running e-learning, self-assessments and other key activities.

This improved interface is available in both – the standard STA interface and the simplified STA interface.

Picture above -  simplified STA interface.

Picture above -  standard STA interface.

Release Highlights STA 4.0

  • CES test now includes more information in the "CES test details"

Within CES we have improved the view for CES test details. You will now see more details from each group/function area in the tests completed, such as number of wrong answers and questions that are not answered.
The 'CES Wrong answer summary report' has also been updated to include information about number of questions that was not answered during the test, because of time-out.


  • Upgraded scheduling method for automatic scheduling of requirements

Within our requirement scheduling function we have now added the possibility to activate an additional method for automatic scheduling of rank requirements. You can now use number of weeks from the defined start date to calculate a deadline for each requirement. The number of weeks is defined per rank and vessel type, and  automatically generates individual training schedules for each user.

  • Training remarks expanded

The training administrator can now add more extensive remarks to company specific training activity (CST) on board the vessel, using rich text formatting and an increased amount of allowed characters.

  • Improved requirement guidelines

For customer using our Competence Manager System, the requirement guidelines have been improved with rich text formatting and an increased number of allowable characters. This makes it possible to add more detailed requirement guidelines for personnel and assessors to comply with regulations.

Some function requires SP22 to be implemented onboard – available for shipment June 2019.

To learn more about the training Seagull Maritime provides, please contact your dedicated Seagull account manager. Alternatively, send us a general inquiry via the link below:


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