Seagull Training APP is now available in China!

Seagull Training APP is now available in China!

Since the release of Seagull Training App in 2017 we had a great success – highly rated customer feedback encouraged further development of the product – since January 2019, our Training App is also available in all the TOP 5 APP Stores in Greater China!

To download the Seagull Training App in China please follow the below links:

  1. Tencent 

  2. 360 Mobile Assistant

  3. Baidu Mobile Assistant

  4. Huawei App Market

  5. Oppo Software Store

The newly upgraded Seagull Training App is complete with the possibility of running modules and films directly from the Main Menu. The App can also be used across a wide-range of mobile devices and tablets, both Android and iOS, with dynamic screen layouts for all sizes.

The Seagull Training App allows users of the Seagull Training Administrator (STA) to access their training requirements and competence status. User can retrieve important fleet information prior to their next onboard assignment, providing the company is using the feature.

Seafarers with access to the Seagull Training App can also access the Bulletin as part of the Notification section – providing relevant maritime news and updates right in their pocket!

The App is continuously in development to fulfill our customers needs for a better training experience that can be accessed Anytime and Anywhere!

To download the Seagull Training App for other regions please go to App Store or Google Play Store. You can also follow the below links:




After downloading you can log in using your credentials for Seagull Training Administrator (STA). In order for modules to run in the App, they must be available in the company online profile, and in HTML5 format. The company must also approve use of the App for their crew.

To learn more about Seagull Training App for you or your crew and how it can be used, please contact your dedicated account manager or send us a general inquiry via the below link:



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