Seagull Maritime English Test
New product launch!

Seagull Maritime English Test

The Manila amendments to STCW Convention and Codes require reliable and transparent evidence of the maritime English communicative competency level of all seafarers. 

In response to this Seagull is now offering a new English Reading and Listening Test that can be run as an extra add on feature in CES (Crew Evaluation System), our comprehensive online tool for knowledge testing of seafarers.

Using a multiple choice format, the test employs a variety of visual, audio and text inputs that accurately measure the learner’s English listening and reading comprehension.

The new Reading and Listening Test is designed primarily as a recruitment and promotion tool, with emphasis on the following usage: 

  • General Test of the English of Seafarers
  • Pre-employment test of English knowledge
  • Pre-promotion test of English knowledge
  • Demonstration of compliance for internal and external audit

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