APRO assessor course in Singapore 8th March 2018

APRO assessor course in Singapore 8th March 2018

We at Seagull Maritime are pleased to offer a one day ‘APRO (Ability Profiling) Assessor Course’ to anyone who wishes to become familiar with our psychometric test tool.


Event date: 8 Mar 2018

The purpose of the Ability Profiling software is to support the recruitment- and promotion-process by measuring different types of abilities of a candidate. It will assist you in revealing the candidates strong and less strong potentials. Please see the attached product sheet.

Those of you who wish to be authorized as an APRO Assessor (a requirement to use APRO) can apply for an APRO certificate after the one day session. As a pre-requisite to attend the ‘APRO Assessor Course’ you must complete a free APRO test prior to the 8th of March and this can be taken conveniently online.

To reserve your seat and receive the online test instruction and login details please email your request to APRO@sgull.com with your name, position, company, and telephone number. Please also use “APRO Course Singapore 2018” in the subject for your email.

At the earliest opportunity please reserve your seat as space is limited and priority will be given to those being Certified as Assessors.

The venue will be the Amara Singapore Hotel ,165 Tanjong Pagar Road and the meeting will start at 09:00 and end at 15:00.

 Anita Bjørningstad

Anita Bjørningstad

Sales & Marketing Coordinator, Seagull Maritime

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In the maritime industry, ships and crews are constantly exposed to numerous risks and challenges. Since 1996 Seagull Maritime has developed e-learning, competence and assessment systems. Our system enables ship-owners and operators to identify and close competency gaps within their crew to ensure safe and efficient operation. Today we have a comprehensive library of e-learning modules targeting maritime conventions and regulations such as STCW, SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC2006, IMDG Code and ISM code to mention a few. Seagull Maritime takes pride in our high level of maritime knowledge and dedication. We are certified in accordance with DNV-GL Rules for Classification of Maritime Training Providers.

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