Seagull Seminar on Career Development and Human Element
London, 11th September 2018

Seagull Seminar on Career Development and Human Element

We are pleased to invite you to our seminar on Career Development and Human Element which will take place in London on the 11th of September.The venue will be Trinity House, situated a very short walk from Tower Hill underground station. 

Event date: 11 Sep 2018

This joint seminar with leading industry experts from recognised organisations including INTERMANAGER will share with us their thoughts; knowledge and experience of the latest industry trends and best practices. 

The agenda is not yet finalized but the seminar will provide an opportunity to listen to presentations on current issues affecting the industry and provide an update and information about Seagull and its products. It will also be an opportunity to share and discuss matters of mutual interest with others in the industry and define your current needs to Seagull representatives.

To register for the meeting already now, please send an e-mail to :  or call +44 191 519 7347.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in London!

Yours sincerely,
Mike McCabe
Managing Director
Seagull Maritime Information Technologies Ltd.

Jurate Rancyte

Jurate Rancyte

Sales & Marketing Coordinator | Graphic Designer

Seagull Maritime

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In the maritime industry, ships and crews are constantly exposed to numerous risks and challenges. Since 1996 Seagull Maritime has developed e-learning, competence and assessment systems. Our system enables ship-owners and operators to identify and close competency gaps within their crew to ensure safe and efficient operation. Today we have a comprehensive library of e-learning modules targeting maritime conventions and regulations such as STCW, SOLAS, MARPOL, MLC2006, IMDG Code and ISM code to mention a few. Seagull Maritime takes pride in our high level of maritime knowledge and dedication. We are certified in accordance with DNV-GL Rules for Classification of Maritime Training Providers.

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