STA User interface

As announced earlier this spring the application interface has been re-designed using modern front-end technology, and introducing a more responsive design. Online users were automatically introduced to the new design in April. What is new now is that vessel installations also can get updated to experience the new design. Order this update together with our Quarterly release for the Training library.


Highlight when requirements are about to expire

It is now possible to display a warning if one or more requirements are about to expire. Customers can define the number of days before it expires for the warning to be displayed. The requirement will then still show as approved with a green color, but there will be an indication on group level and a validity date will be added to the requirement.


Scheduled activities

This feature merges the two previous displays for scheduled requirements and individual activities into one table under “Schedule”. The table is improved so it is possible to filter the content and get an overview of each type of activity. In addition a new 'Quick launch' button is available for some activities, enabling personnel to start an e-learning directly from the schedule without reading the requirement details. It will also be possible to view historical enrollments that are completed or expired.



Company Specific Training (CST) improvements 

Sometimes there can be CSTs that are no longer required to be done, and with the new update it will be possible to archive these CSTs to prevent any new training sessions registered under them. It will also be possible to add a description to the CST that will be displayed when registering a CST session. This description can be a guidance on how to perform this training session and details which are important to write in the comments section after the session is performed.


Personnel – search functionality improvement 

In the Personnel screen we have added separate fields for when personnel was last updated and their last training record.This enables the training administrators to search for personnel that has records from a specified period of time. The search results and the Personnel card will also show dates for when personnel was last updated and the last training record. In addition we have improved the name searching functions to allow to search for the beginning of any name of a person.



Improvements to compliance section

For customers using our Training Analytic Tool the Compliance section has been updated. When defining a compliance view, it is now possible to define which panels shall be shown in the Compliance sections, making sure that only the relevant sections for your company get displayed.


New and updated reports

In addition we have updated several existing reports with new data and/or new criteria, and added one new report to our report section.

  • New report; List of requirements that are ready to be assessed

This Excel report list requirements where personnel has checked that the requirement is ready to be assessed.


In addition to above, we have made other improvements, bug fixes and changes to make your experience with STA even better.


STA 4.0 Service Pack 28  vessel version will be available for ordering by end of June 2020.


To learn more about the training Seagull Maritime provides, please contact your dedicated Seagull account manager. Alternatively, send us a general inquiry via the link below: