Historical data collection - Rank and Compliance

The Seagull training system will now start collecting daily statistical data such as compliance status and change of rank for each person. This means that in the future it will be possible to offer functions to compare the progress for each person and each vessel, and thereby record their performance over time. It will also enable the customer to determine when a person was promoted.

Highlight Company notices for end user upon login

The Company Notice product has been updated with new functions. New is that the customer can make their own alias for “Company Notice”, which will be used trough out the Seagull training system. Also selected company notices can now be highlighted to the required readers upon login, which will make it easier to ensure important notifications are read and confirmed.

The required readers will also get an easy overview of all read and not read company notices.


With the new report "Company notice status for personnel" the office will be able to better follow-up the status of required readers for their company notices, as it presents both personnel that has confirmed that they have read the company notices and those which has not read it yet.

Please download Company Notice Info flyer from the below button to learn more:

Company Notice Info Flyer

E-learning modules - Estimated duration for each chapter

Each e-learning module that Seagull release has an expected duration for the user to complete the module.  From now on, we will start adding estimated duration for each chapter of the e-learning module. This means that the user will be able to know in advance how much time he or she is expected to use for each chapter.

The estimated duration and the actual time used for each chapter, will be presented in the e-learning menu appearing after the user has started a module. This information will also be seen in the e-learning record details.

New and updated reports

Seagull has created some new reports for presenting training performed and requirements per vessel type.

The “Monthly training activities per person per installation” will present the e-learning and company specific training records for each person that was on board a selected installation(vessel) in a selected month, or period of months, in an easy to read report.


 The “Required E-learning and CST Matrix” will show an excel matrix with all e-learning modules and CST (company specific training) required for each rank. This means you will be able to print the vessels current Training matrix directly from the Seagull training system.


In addition several of our reports has been updated with new data, new criteria and/or available for on-board use;
Requirement schedule status for personnel, Requirement completion level per person, Enrollment list, Record summary for selected person, Promotion query report, CES summary by personnel and APRO 'Ability profile for selected person.

Improvements to compliance section

For customers using our Training analytic tool the Compliance section has been updated. When defining a compliance view , it is now possible to define if the view (on screen and as report) shall be available on the vessels or exclusively for online usage.

In the "Selected proficiency of individuals" overview we have added information which will enable you to easier see the difference between Critical and Required proficiencies.

CES Benchmarking - Filter for vessel type and propulsion in STCW details

For our customers that use the CES Benchmarking and statics tool, we have added the possibility to filter the 'Benchmarking - STCW details' down to one vessel type.

This means that the company can for example compare cargo handling results for personnel that has selected that specific vessel type when running the CES test.

Some functions requires STA 4.0 Service Pack 25  to be implemented onboard – available for shipment after Q1 2020 release.

To learn more about the training Seagull Maritime provides, please contact your dedicated Seagull account manager. Alternatively, send us a general inquiry via the link below:

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Jurate Rancyte
Teamleader Marketing & Communication | Seagull Maritime AS