We are placing utmost importance on:

  1. The health and wellbeing of our colleagues globally and are pleased to report that we have had no cases of coronavirus among the team
  2. Responsive dialogue with customers and partners to offer all relevant support and information. We will within days be offering a video on measures to take with regards to COVID-19.  
  3. Resilient processes and operational redundancies in place, to deliver our services and secure supplies of hardware and equipment, to meet with your upcoming requirements  

As your responsible partner, we have undertaken considerable simulations to ensure Business Continuity and operational responsiveness under prevailing circumstances.

Those of you that rely on us for course certification can rest assured that we are able to offer a fully digital process. ​All Seagull classroom attendance courses have been cancelled until further notice.

In the interest of your safety and ours, we have curtailed travel and in-person meetings over the next few days. In keeping with healthcare guidelines, some our sites are remote-working over the next few days. However, each of our business managers and your dedicated account managers are fully equipped to deliver every aspect operationally and remain at your disposal to speak on our proven video-conferencing facilities. We will continue to monitor developments and heed advice from the local governments in regions we operate in, as well as World Health Organisation and other competent authorities.

As your training partner, Seagull | Videotel has a comprehensive network of offices located all around the globe. Our combined team contains an extensive spectrum of people who you can rely on to fulfill and surpass your service requirements during these uncertain times and we will all be working together to ensure your needs are met.



If you have any further queries or would like specific assistance from us, please email us. Alternatively, use the below button to fill in our contact form.

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