This first step will be visible for our online users, and this newsletter is aimed at giving you a heads up of changes coming in April.

Our updates are planned to be implemented by week 17 (20th of April). When login in after the update, you will see that the pages visual layout has changed. The application interface has been re-designed using modern front-end technology, and it will also introduce a more responsive design. This means our users will notice that the view is responsive to difference screen sizes such as laptops and tablets. Phone responsiveness will come later.

In this phase there are no changes to the workflow or the functionality, so it will be easy to navigate and find all the functionality you are used to. 
You will see that the main menu is now easily available as a side menu, and that for example the new layout of report selector will make it even more easy to find and select the report you want to generate. 

We have also added several options for displaying your company logo, such as above the main left menu, or left top bar.

 Not all of the interface has been updated, notifications, bulletins and report criteria for example have not been included. These changes will come with the next phase.

As reminder, the update is planned to be implemented by week 17 (20th of April), so this is a pre-notification. If you should have questions, please do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Seagull account manager. Alternatively, send us a general inquiry via the link below:

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