As of 2021, companies will be required to train their staff on Cyber Security under the ISM Code. To help organisations comply with this requirement, Seagull Maritime has cooperated with Gard and DNV GL to offer effective training on this incredibly important topic.

“Our goal is always focused on building highly competent staff-members – where daily tasks and routines can be completed far more safely and efficiently,” says Roger Ringstad, Seagull’s Managing Director and future CEO. “For these reasons and many more, we have set our sights on de-mystifying cyber issues.”

Based on an analysis of cases involving cyber security, Seagull’s twenty-minute video includes key recommendations for how the maritime industry can address these issues. Rather than suggesting large-scale industry changes, the module focuses on specific developments in the way people think, feel and behave.

There are two ways to train crewmembers on cyber security awareness and receive a #6209 Cyber Security Distance Course diploma:

1. Learners can complete our NEW Cyber Security module, created in cooperation with Gard:

2. Or they can complete our Cyber Security Awareness package, created in cooperation with DNV GL:

  • #4063 Cyber security awareness

  • Module 1 – Your role
  • Module 2 – Common threats and traps
  • Module 3 – Good practices
  • Module 4 - Counter measures (optional module)

Additionally learners can watch our NEW Cyber Security film, created in cooperation with Gard:


To learn more about the Cyber Security training Seagull Maritime provides, please contact your dedicated Seagull account manager. Alternatively, send us a general inquiry via the link below:


Jurate Rancyte
Teamleader Marketing & Communication | Seagull Maritime AS