Offshore vessels

In advanced offshore operations, sophisticated equipment and highly trained crew are extremely important. Practicing standard procedures and emergency situations prior to a mission is crucial to ensure safety and efficiency during often complex operations.

Our e-learning solutions for the offshore segment are based on enhancing safety and efficiency, whilst keeping training cost down. Topics we recommend for offshore vessels are:

  • IMSBC Code
  • Working at height
  • Vessel Inspection and CMID/OVID
  • Anchor handling operations
  • Lifting and slinging

The Offshore Vessel Competence Standard v.1.0 is the Seagull framework for offshore service vessels specific competence standards. The competence standard has been developed in response to the demand for offshore specific competences. The framework covers the following vessel types: Platform Supply Vessels (PSV) and Anchor Handling Vessels (AHV).

All relevant competency areas for offshore vessels identified and described with detailed assessment and performance criteria.

  • Structure based on STCW function areas and GOMO (Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations) for anchor handlers and platform supply vessels

Developed in cooperation with Orient Ship Management (OSM) and K-Line Offshore.

Spend your time on the right applicant.

With our simple recruitment tools you can reduce time spent on screening candidates, by means of ability and knowledge tests. Our CES test is by considerable margins the most used maritime knowledge test, since 1999.

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One of the most critical issues a shipping company faces today did not exist 20 years ago: not enough competent talent to fill all the necessary positions.

Thus, it is crucial that the industry continuously renews its focus on how to recruit, train, assess, promote, and retain talented individuals.

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Other ship types

Bulk carriers
Container vessels
Gas Tanker
General Cargo vessel
Heavy Lift Vessel
Oil Tanker
Chemical tankers

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