Bulk carriers

Carrying solid bulk cargoes involves serious risks, which must be managed carefully to safeguard the crew and the ship. These risks include reduced ship stability, capsizing due to cargo liquefaction, fire or explosion due to chemical hazards and damage to ship structures due to poor loading procedures. The main legislation governing safe carriage of solid bulk cargoes is the International Maritime Solid Bulk Cargoes Code which became mandatory on January 1, 2011, under the SOLAS Convention. 

Seagull Maritime offers a comprehensive library of e-learning modules targeted at bulk carriers, among topics included in our e-learning modules are:

  • IMSBC code
  • Hatch cover maintenance and operation
  • Liquefying cargoes
  • Loading and unloading of bulk cargoes
  • Corrosion protection and maintenance.

The objective of Seagull Bulker Competence Standard is to provide a complete training and competence management standard helping dry bulk operators to comply with requirements and improving knowledge and competence among their crew.

As part of the Competence Manager in Seagull’s Training Administrator (STA), the Bulker Competence Standard is linked in with our e-learning modules and Competence Evaluation System (CES), forming a complete system for training and assessment which will follow the officer from ship to ship within the company and can be monitored online by the responsible office personnel.

Advantages for using Bulker Competence Standard

  • Electronic records of all completed tasks and assessments are available onboard and online for the individual officer and their supervisors
  • Automatic transfer of all records belonging to the officer between vessel and shore
  • Complete overview of all officers development and level of competence available for the training manager ashore
  • Easy to use status and progress reports
  • Possible to define company specific competences

Spend your time on the right applicant.

With our simple recruitment tools you can reduce time spent on screening candidates, by means of ability and knowledge tests. Our CES test is by considerable margins the most used maritime knowledge test, since 1999.

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One of the most critical issues a shipping company faces today did not exist 20 years ago: not enough competent talent to fill all the necessary positions.

Thus, it is crucial that the industry continuously renews its focus on how to recruit, train, assess, promote, and retain talented individuals.

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