Concentrated inspection campaign

Emergency systems

Port State inspections over recent years have revealed a number of deficiencies related to ship’s emergency systems and crew’s abilities to use them properly when required. Tokyo MoU have announced that they will have a concentrated inspection campaign jointly with Paris MoU on Emergency systems September - November 2019.

  • Module: #0624
  • Revision: 2.00
  • Published: 15.02.2019


This pocket guide will help top management onboard to prepare ship and crew for the 2019 CIC on Emergency Systems. We will take you through the What, Who, Why, When and Where of your emergency systems, and at the end of the pocket guide you will find a template form that will help you prepare for the inspection.

Legislation & references

  • Paris MoU and Tokyo MoU CIC 2019

Learning Objectives

The main elements of this Pocket guide are:

  • What emergency systems you have on board?
  • Who will operate or use an emergency system?
  • Why do we have emergency systems?
  • When should an emergency system be activated?
  • Where is the information about the emergency systems?




6 minutes


  • Seagull Maritime AS

Related Information

Operation and Safety

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Target groups

  • Deck - Management
  • Engine - Management