Concentrated Inspection Campaign

Stability in general

Every year a number of accidents and incidents are related to ships with stability issues. Paris MOU and Tokyo MOU has announcement that they will have a concentrated inspection campaign on “Stability in General” in 2020.

  • Pocket guide: #0625
  • Revision: 1.00
  • Published: 02.03.2020
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This Pocket Guide will help you prepare for the inspection and also remind you of what you should be routinely attending to with your own ship’s stability. At the end of the module you print out a checklist that will assist you to prepare for the Stability in General CIC 2020.

Legislation & references

Paris MoU / Tokyo MoU CIC 2020

Learning objectives

The main elements of this Pocket guide are:

  • KNOW your stability booklet
  • VERIFY your departure condition
  • RECOGNISE the warning signs, If stability is compromised
  • CONSIDER ongoing stability, on voyage and during cargo operations
  • TRAIN AND RECORD, documentary requirements
Duration 6 minutes
Target groups
  • Deck - Management

Seagull Maritime AS

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