Learning films

Group training with reflective learning

Learning films are a convenient way to bring a larger group or crew up to speed on a subject in one sitting. They can typically be used in connection with onboard drills and exercises. Industry specific subject matter experts vet and review our selection of maritime learning films to ensure they complement our e-learning library and courses. 

Seagull have incorporated reflective learning into all learning films.

Learning films can be useful during onboard group training sessions and can be recorded in Seagull Training Administrator (STA) as Company Specific Training (CST). Learning films are a knowledge supplement to e-learning but not a replacement. The selection of maritime learning films have been carefully vetted and reviewed by our subject matter experts to identify the films that complement our e-learning library and onboard courses.

Reflective learning concept

A reflective learning session is much more than just watching a film. With reflective learning, the group will discuss what they have just seen after each section of the learning film. Each participant can contribute to the discussion and call on their experiences.  The group can then consider how the topic relates to their everyday lives on board. Reflecting in this way and discussing as a group will lead to a deeper and more rewarding learning experience.

Reflective learning product sheet 

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