Port State Control

Preparing for inspections

If the ship and those onboard are not prepared for an Port State Inspection it may lead to delays, observations, fines and in worst case a detention which again can lead to a considerably financial loss and a bad standing for both ship and company.

  • Module: #0621
  • Revision: 2.00
  • Published: 15.06.2018


This digital Pocket Guide will help prepare the crew for port State inspections and remind them of the key actions to take before and during an inspection. 
At the end of this digital Pocket Guide you will be able to print a checklist that will assist in preparation of PSC Inspection

Legislation & references

  • Paris MOU, PSC

Learning Objectives

The main learning outcomes of this title are that the learner will be able to:

  • Recall the checks and preparations to make before a Port State Control inspection.
  • Recognise the behaviours to adopt to help a Port State Control inspection go smoothly




6 minutes


  • Seagull Maritime AS

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Target groups

  • Deck - Management
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  • Engine - Management
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