Permit to work

Procedures and principles

Despite having a Permit To Work system, Occidental Petroleum's Piper Alpha platform was destroyed by explosion and fire after a shift reinstated a system left partially disassembled by the previous shift. 167 men perished in this incident due to failure to properly communicate permit state at shift handover.

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  • Published: 01.09.2015
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Permits To Work are integral safety systems that control and manage risks which arise during hazardous tasks on board. They ensure all personnel are mindful of their roles and responsibilities. Designed for management, operational and support level workers, this module offers a practical and educational guide through the safe operational running of a vessel.

Legislation & references

International Safety Management (ISM) Code, Safety Management Systems, Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping (STCW) Code, Code of Safe Working Practices (COSWP),Tanker Management Self-Assessment (TMSA 2), ILO Code on preventing accidents.

Learning objectives
  • The principles and purpose of a Permit To Work system
  • The features, conditions and process of issuing a Permit To Work
  • Typical shipboard situations where a Permit To Work is necessary
  • Efficient record keeping
English, Chinese, Russian, Italian,
Duration 40 minutes
Target groups
  • Deck - Operational
  • Engine - Management
  • Engine - Operational
  • Deck - Management

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