Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment

The module provides the users with a better understanding of MARPOL Annex I and the handling of oil-contaminated water originating from cargo/ballast operations on oil tankers.

  • E-learning: #0055
  • Revision: 4.00
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In this training programme you will be introduced to the principles and basics of operation of ODME (Oil Discharge Monitoring Equipment). The module provides the users with a better understanding of MARPOL Annex I and the handling of oilcontaminated water originating from cargo/ballast operations on oil tankers.

The module also gives a description on: How to fill in the Oil Record Book, The ODME system flows and a typical tank cleaning process

Legislation & references
  • MARPOL Annex I
  • IMO Resolution A586 (14)
  • IMO Resolution MEPC.108 (49)
  • Introduction
  • Regulations and requirements
  • Introduction to ODME
  • ODME operation
  • Ballast and oil contaminated water
  • Oil record book
Duration 60 minutes
Target groups
  • Deck - Operational
  • Deck - Support
  • Engine - Management
  • Engine - Operational
  • Engine - Support
  • MariTrain
  • Seagull AS
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Ship types:
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