Low temperature insulation on gas carriers

Gas carriers

Ships with insufficient or damaged insulation around the cargo tanks and pipes can be very costly, therefore Seagull has developed a CBT module covering insulation methods and materials together with TI Marine Consulting, and Aksel Oddvar Olsen.

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A ship with insufficient or damaged insulation around the cargo tanks and pipes can be very costly. Seagull together with TI Marine Consulting, and Aksel Oddvar Olsen, has developed an e-learning module covering insulation methods and materials. The module is also covers typical damages to insulation and their causes.

Legislation & references

STCW as amended Controlling operation of ship and care for persons onboard

  • Why do we insulate cargo tanks
  • Insulation methods and materials
  • Typical damages to insulation and their causes
  • Insulation of pipes and containers
  • Personal safety and periodic inspection
Duration 120 minutes
Target groups
  • Deck - Operational
  • Deck - Support
  • Engine - Management
  • Engine - Operational
  • Engine - Support
  • Aksel Oddvar Olsen
  • TI Marine Contracting AS
  • Seagull AS
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