Introduction to TMSA3

OCIMF tanker management and self assessment
  • E-learning: #0157
  • Revision: 5.00
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The OCIMF Tanker Management and Self-Assessment program is a tool designed to assist tanker operators measure and improve the standards of their safety-management systems. This module provides an overview of the program and explains how and where the TMSA guide is intended to be used. It serves as an introduction and reference, and is to be used in conjunction with the guide itself.

Legislation & references
  • OCIMF, guide to TMSA 3
Learning objectives
  • Identify the main roles of OCIMF
  • State the overall purpose of TMSA
  • Recognise the structure and contents of TMSA
  • State the purpose of the key components of TMSA
  • List the four levels  of the continuous improvement cycle
  • Identify how to use TMSA in a continuous improvement cycle
Duration 45 minutes
Target groups
  • Engine - Management

Seagull AS

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