Integrated Survey Programme - ISP

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The purpose of this training programme is to make the student able to inspect the hull structure and equipment of a container ship as stated in the Planned Inspection and Maintenance System (PIMS) in a safe and structured way. The students are also expected to obtain necessary skill to perform owners required inspection of the hull with respect to structure and cargo arrangement as stated in the PIMS system. Focus is at all times kept on personal and ship safety.

Legislation & references

IMO ISM code, Reg. 10; Maintenance of ship and equipment 

  • Integrated Survey Programme - ISP
  • Classification concept
  • Arrangement, design and stowing
  • Critical areas, strength and structure
  • Corrosion and corrosion protection
  • Pressure testing of tanks and pipes
  • Planned inspection and maintenance
  • System (PIMS) assessment
Duration 6 hours
Target groups
  • Deck - Operational
  • Deck - Support
  • Engine - Management
  • Engine - Operational
  • Engine - Support
  • Electric - Operational
  • Electric - Support
  • DNV - H. Johannessen
  • DNV - H. Skaret
  • Seagull AS
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