GOMO awareness

Shipboard operations to support and supply off-shore facilities present a high level of risk, due to the nature of the work involved and the challenging environments in which these facilities are often located. To reduce and manage these risks, the industry has produced the Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations, the GOMO, which gather together the best practices for safe operations.

  • E-learning: #0330
  • Revision: 3.00
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This module first raises safety awareness by using case studies to demonstrate what can go wrong when correct procedures are not followed. We then describe what the ‘GOMO’ document contains, and how to use the guidelines to stay safe during offshore supply and support operations. 

Legislation & references

GOMO - Guidelines for Offshore Marine Operations

Learning objectives
  • Identify the objectives of the GOMO
  • Recognise the importance of following safe procedures in the reduction of accidents and pollution incidents
  • Use the GOMO in daily operation
  • Identify the key role of good communications in safe operations
  • Identify what to do when an operation is not covered by GOMO Guidelines
  • Safe procedures
  • Using the GOMO
  • Communications
  • Other sources of information
  • Assessment
Duration 60 minutes
Target groups
  • Deck - Operational
  • Deck - Support
  • Engine - Management
  • Engine - Operational
  • Engine - Support
  • Electric - Operational
  • Electric - Support
  • Norwegian Shipowner Association
  • Myklebusthaug Management AS
  • NorSea Group
  • Statoil
  • Seagull AS
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