Flexinert gas generator

The inert gas generator is a primary component for maintain safe operation onboard ships carrying explosive and inflammable cargoes. It is important to know what inert gas is composed of and its effect on flammability. In this module you will become familiar with the Flexinert Gas Generator and its properties.

  • E-learning: #0094
  • Revision: 3.00
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This module looks at Flexinert Gas Generators and considers a variety of subject matter, including how to prevent the possibility of an explosion, preparation and maintenance and operating instructions.  Topics include international regulations, definitions, principles and safety aspects.

Legislation & references
  • STCW as amended - Marine Engineering
Learning objectives

After completion of this module the trainee will answer relevant questions to show his understanding of the construction and operation of the Flexinert Gas Generator.

  • Introduction and Safety
  • Technical Description of Equipment and Main Data
  • Preparation
  • Operating Instructions
  • Maintenance
  • Spare Parts
Duration 120 minutes
Target groups
  • Engine - Management
  • Engine - Operational
  • Seagull AS
  • Air Products
Related information
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STCW: Marine Engineering