Engine room emergencies

Engine room fire

Due to the presence of fuel, sources of ignition, and running machinery, there is always some risk of having an engine room fire. This has the potential to disable the ship, cause extensive damage and threaten the safety of those onboard. An extended period on board a ship without a fire incident can lead to complacency and a delay in extinguishing the fire, whilst prompt first actions can greatly reduce the damage caused and protect those onboard.

  • E-learning: #0462
  • Revision: 1.00
  • Published: 15.09.2020
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This title will remind the learner of the correct actions to take in the event of an engine room fire, the methods available for tackling such fires, and prompt them to refresh their knowledge on their own ship’s procedures and equipment for dealing with such emergencies.

Legislation & references
  • SOLAS Chapter II-2 (Regulation 10)
  • Fire Systems Safety Code (MSC.98(73) as amended by MSC.206(81) and MSC.217(82).
Learning objectives

The main learning outcomes of this title are that the learner will:

  • Take the correct initial actions in the event of an engine room fire
  • Identify the steps needed to operate the engine room fixed fire-fighting systems
  • State the precautions needed before entering the engine-room after a major engine room fire
Duration 35 minutes
Target groups
  • Engine - Operational
  • Seagull Maritime AS
Related information
Ship types:
STCW: Marine Engineering