FSE low voltage offshore

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  • Published: 10.03.2020
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FSE low voltage offshore covers all topics detailed in the FSE-regulation concerning work in and by high voltage installations offshore.

In addition we'll go through safety philosophy, various injuries caused by electricity and correct treatment, and personal protective equipment.

The training must be repeated every year.

Legislation & references

 FSE regulation on Norwegian Continental Shelf

Learning objectives
  • Understand what requirements are set for those whom are to work on or by electrical installations.
  • Specific requirements set out in the FSE-regulation.
  • Know which authority governs operations offshore.
  • Routines for marking and cordoning off areas.
  • Requirements for how to organize the work and relevant competency.
  • Safety philosophy
  • Accident statistics related to work on electric installations.
  • Understand the general principles of protection, type specific  protection and marking.
  • Understand the risks related to rescue in live installations.
  • Understand the importance of reporting accidents and incidents.
  • First aid in case of accidents.
  • Alarm procedures in case of accidents.
English, Norwegian,
Duration 167 minutes
Target groups
  • Electric - Operational

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