Individual training with assessment.

E-learning is a fast and efficient way to improve awareness and knowledge. At Seagull, we offer a large library of e-learning modules to get your crew the required knowledge for their ranks/positions. Each e-learning module is an individual training session with a final assessment at the end. By offering our training content both online and offline, our modules are always available at the click of a button.

Customer benefits of using e-learning
  • Large library consisting of titles related to the maritime industry with specific focus on regulatory compliance and improved seafarer knowledge.
  • Tailored assessment and management tools that ensure meeting and exceeding STCW and IMO standards
  • Training records are automatically stored in the Training Administrator and all reports are easily configurable to company HR system.
  • Company specific training can be configured into the system
  • All e-learning modules in subscription plan is available for unlimited use.
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