Electronic distance courses

Seagull Maritime has delivered a wide range of distance courses for several years. These courses has traditionally consisted of one or more e-learning modules and a corresponding procedure. The distance courses do not contain professional content beyond the modules, but are developed to provide a valuable third party verification.

Completion of any of Seagull’s distance courses leads to a course diploma, and a certification fee will apply.

We have experienced an increasing need for modernizing and simplifying the course application process over the last few years. The main purposes of developing an electronic version of the distance course concept has been to:

1. Modernizing and improving the user experience

Writing 2019, our users expect to be able to complete e-learning based courses without having to consolidate paper documentation and scan it.

2. Reduce processing time

The electronic distance course will simplify the process for the end user. It will also significantly reduce the amount of manual operations done by Seagull, and we expect the processing time to decrease by several days.

3. Data protection

Following GDPR some of our customers have expressed reluctance to keep sending personal data using email. We will not have this issue with electronic distance courses since the data at all times will be inside our own, encrypted system.

Electronic distance course are accessed in a dedicated filter in the Training Library. When the candidates opens a course they are informed of its content.

1. Personal details

The candidate should check that the personal details are correct. The personal details will be used as basis for the course diploma.

2. E-learning modules

They are also shown status for the e-learning modules the course consists of - if they have completed them and if the completion fulfills all the criteria for course approval.

3. Documentation

A few courses require additional documentation and the candidates are asked to upload this.

4. Verification

Both the candidate and the assessor will verify that the candidate has completed the e-learning unaided and that the documentation is complete.

Upon receipt of an electronic distance course the Seagull course department will check the documentation and if in order, issue a course diploma which will be automatically transferred back into the customer’s database. No hard copy will be issued.

The customer can find the status of a submitted application in the candidate’s records in STA -> Electronic distance courses in progress. The course diploma will be found under Electronic distance courses.

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