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Working in the maritime sector is becoming increasingly complex. For many shipping companies, career development have become an essential part of their operation. This means that you have to record that the seafarer is properly trained, be able to verify competence before promotion and provide a clearly defined and easy-to-follow career path.

Administrating complete competence requirements for each position on board, our Competence Management Software provides seafarers with an efficient development and career-planning tool that identifies promotional requirements and motivates progression.

Our Competence Management Software (CMS) features an editor that allows you to define your specific company requirements.

You can also use our recommended standards of competency definitions developed for various ship types. With the editor you can build a system to cover your company’s need and adjust it when required.

Shipping companies that we work with and that have adopted such an approach achieve, and continue to achieve, an improved return on their investment in the way of higher performance. In short you will have:

  • Improved professional competence and confidence among crew
  • Improved performance on the vessel/fleet
  • Reduced cost due to less accidents, incidents and findings
  • Compliance with customer and industry requirements
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Clear career progression for ambition individuals

Our complete range of COMPETENCY STANDARDS

Seagull offers a full range of competency standards; our LITE version, the CORE competencies and  our vessel specific competencies.

  • Our newly developed LITE version is based on frequent findings by port state (Paris MoU and Tokyo Mou) and VIQ from SIRE inspections, and is an introduction to our Competency Standards.
  • The CORE competencies are common for all vessel types - meaning they are not vessel type or cargo specific.
  • Our vessel specific competencies are industry standards for different vessel types, and we also develop company specific competence frameworks.

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