Ability Profiling (APRO)

Supporting the recruitment and promotion for shipping companies worldwide, APRO is a psychometric test that measures the ability of entry level seafarers and junior officers.


APRO Product Sheet   

Seagull’s Psychometric assessment tool, Ability Profiling Program (APRO), was developed as a tool for recruitment.  APRO came from a research and development project headed by the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute, supported by the University of Oslo, Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and the Norwegian ship-owners association. It is the only psychometric assessment program developed specifically for the maritime industry.

To ensure proper evaluation of the candidates it is required to attend a one day assessor course held by Seagull. The assessment consist of seven different test types specifically chosen to assess how a candidate perceives, processes and acts on information. In essence it measures speed versus accuracy.

The psychometric test has a standardized method of administration and scoring with the results quantified and compared with all other test takers.


  • Developed for and by the maritime industry
  • Reveals abilities which are considered important for performance onboard a vessel
  • Present measures of these abilities in such a way that it is possible to identify the candidate’s strong and less strong potentials
  • Helps you identify the differences in abilities between candidates
  • Culture free
  • Adds a missing piece of information when selecting candidates
  • Helps you identify candidates you do not wish to hire
  • Meets TMSA-2 standard, element 3, stage 4 – “…psychometric assessment should be used to confirm job competence before confirmation of employment”

As part of your company’s recruitment process, you can predict a candidate’s ability and performance early.


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