Oil Tankers

Over the past century, shipbuilding technologies and system advancements have improved, incorporating new solutions to enhance the safety and efficiency of petroleum transportation. Today’s tankers represent advancements in every component of the ship, from antifouling hull coatings to main engines that generate fewer emissions than their predecessors, from sophisticated navigation and communication equipment to double hull protection. Even the newest ships with the most advanced equipment can’t run themselves. This is the irreplaceable role of the mariner. Today’s mariners are highly trained and skilled professionals.

Seagull Maritime offers a comprehensive library of e-learning modules targeted at tankers, our training is based on legislations found in SOLAS, STCW and specific codes for the tanker industry.

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Seagull Tanker Competence Standard

The Oil Tanker Standard v.1.0 is the framework for all oil tanker specific competence standards in the Seagull Industry Competence Standard. The competences are structured in accordance with the function areas of STCW and grouped in a common part and specific part.

  • Core Competence Standard v.1.1
  • Oil Tanker Competence Standard v.1.0
  • Crude Oil Tanker Competence Standard v.1.0 (Specific part for crude oil tankers)
  • Product Tanker Competence Standard v.1.0  (Specific part for product tankers)

 ​All relevant competency areas identified and described with detailed assessment and performance criteria. 

  • Structure based on STCW function areas and ISGOTT (International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals) 5th Edition. 
Developed by Seagull with input from industry leading tanker operators.

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e-TOTS: Electronic – Tanker Officer Training Standard

INTERTANKO has introduced a Tanker Officer Training Standards (TOTS) system, over and above the STCW requirements, to establish a set of voluntary standards, which will ensure tanker officers’ competence for general shipboard operations, as well as those for specific tanker types such as crude, product and chemical tankers.

Seagull has reached an agreement with INTERTANKO to provide the TOTS system electronically (e-TOTS) and thus provide a simple and efficient tool to complete and effectively monitor and control TOTS activities. The individual officers’ Training Record “Book” is held in electronic format in our Competence Manager software configured within the Seagull Training Administrator (STA) for easy use by seafarer; supervising officer/instructor and company management.

Recruitment information

Spend your time on the right applicant. 

With our simple recruitment tools you can reduce time spent on screening candidates, by means of ability and knowledge tests. Our CES test is by considerable margins the most used maritime knowledge test, since 1999.

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Career planning information

One of the most critical issues a shipping company faces today did not exist 20 years ago: not enough competent talent to fill all the necessary positions. 

Thus, it is crucial that the industry continuously renews its focus on how to recruit, train, assess, promote, and retain talented individuals.

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