Seagull Training System

The Seagull Training System (STS) is a either laptop or desktop computer on which the Seagull Training Administrator and the entire Onboard Library of Computer Based Training (CBT) modules are installed. It is customised to your requirements to include your company’s personnel and ship’s data. 

The Seagull Training Administrator on which the Seagull Training System (STS) is based will deal with all of the administration requirements relating to Personnel Evaluation, Training and Career Planning for your Officers and Crew.

Seagull Training Administrator

The Training Administrator is a powerful yet easy to use tool for managing all onboard training activities and career planning.

It specifies a training profile for every position and crew member onboard. Training frequency and minimum required marks can be set individually for all training sessions. All this is readily available at any time for the training officer, and can be displayed on-screen, printed out or e-mailed.

Training records

The Training Administrator is the only program you will need to manage all of your Company’s onboard training. When all of your vessels send the individual training records to us we can monitor all the training activities from our head office.  We can then compile and send a comprehensive report to your company training manager. In addition the training results are available at Seagulls customer login section on the web page.

Onboard Training Library

Our Onboard Library consists of a large collection of Computer Based Training (CBT) modules and selected DVD films. New titles are constantly added in response to changing industry and customer requirements and existing modules are frequently revised to reflect these changing needs.

Each CBT module is a dedicated multimedia program consisting of a number of chapters of learning material followed by an assessment section. The final assessment chapter contains a database of multi-choice questions from which final assessment tests can be randomly generated.

Lessons are delivered with a sequential text and normally include a mixture of illustrations, animations and video clips as appropriate to the text. A training session can be interrupted at any time and continued at a later date; however the final assessment can only be performed once.

Computer Hardware

The Seagull Training System consists of dedicated computer hardware and software. The computer hardware is covered under a comprehensive limited warranty by Seagull Maritime and the manufacturer.


The Seagull Training System is flexible. Use the CBT modules as often as you want for an annual fee.

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Seagull AS is certified in accordance with DNV Rules for Classification of Maritime Training Provider (3.403).