Crew Evaluation System (CES)

The Crew Evaluation System (CES) is an online assessment tool used to evaluate the knowledge of seafarers as part of your company’s recruitment and promotion process, and to identify needs for future training.

CES is a large knowledge database with over 5,000 multiple choice questions specific to seafarer knowledge as defined by STCW. CES is structured to use pre-defined test types with a built in question randomization feature to maintain its secure integrity.

CES also offers the flexibility for you to create your own company specific questions using the CES Test Editor that draws upon the entire CES library of questions that can be edited as part of your company’s knowledge tests.

CES Administrator
This is the administrative program which takes care of test results, test certificates, and test reports. The administrator is password protected and shall only be used by the persons responsible for testing of candidates.

CES Test
CES is a multiple choice test program using of pre-defined and company specific tests.  Test have the randomization of questions to avoid users memorizing specific tests. Test results are automatically stored in the CES Administrator upon completion of the test and are available for viewing and pas part of a test report.

Following tests are available

  • STCW Test, pre-defined tests
  • Flag State Test, pre-defined tests
  • Detailed Test, pre-defined tests
  • Company Specific Test, to be defined by your Company

Company Specific Test Editor
Create your own unique tests! This allows you to focus on the issues that are important to you. By using the editing function within the CES Administrator the Company may develop all the assessment questions from scratch or one may use questions from the existing CES database, or one may use a combination of own developed questions and the existing ones.

Report Generator
The report generator in the administrator function offers:

  • Viewing and collation of test results
  • Detailed- and summary reports
  • Printing of test certificates

Area of application
CES is mainly a tool to use online ashore, but it is available to use on board as well.

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