Millenia Maritime Inc. selects Seagull Training System & Crew Evaluation System

28th September, 2010


Millenia Maritime Inc. has selected the Seagull Training System for use across their entire fleet of ships and offices.


The Seagull Training System (STS) is the most widely used and comprehensive seafarer training system available. It can consist either of a laptop or a desktop computer preloaded with the software, as well as via online. In this system the Seagull Training Administrator (STA) manages all training records and reports and has available the entire Onboard Training Library of Computer Based Training (CBT) titles. It is customized to include your company’s personnel and training requirements as well as software features that help with competence management and knowledge assessment.


Millenia Maritime Inc. will also be using Seagull’s Crew Evaluation System (CES) in their offices in Greece and Philippines. CES is a computer based knowledge evaluation tool that consists of a large database of several thousand questions, which can be used to assess the background knowledge of crew members (Deck, Engine and General Services). Millenia Maritime Inc. will be proceeding to customize the CES questionnaire to their needs and the requirements of their safety management system; another feature available to the Seagull CES, which allows for total integration of the tool to company requirements.


Millenia Maritime Inc. is an oil / chemical tanker operator which operates a fleet of 10 vessels plus a strong new building program which is already underway.


Millenia Maritime Inc. attaches great importance to the continuous training of its personnel allocating significant recourses in using modern, technologically advanced and effective training tools and equipment. Millenia Maritime Inc. said that it firmly believed that the adoption of the CBT system and in particular of the Seagull Training System would further enhance the quality of the onboard training provided, contributing in that way to its standing objective for  continually upgrading the competence of its seagoing personnel.


Millenia Maritime Inc. has quoted that the adoption of the training package & CES evaluation tool will significantly assist in their efforts to sustain the cycle of continuous training of the seafaring staff, while maintaining a customized approach in their assessment process; an aspect of crew evaluation which is core for the effective selection process and education of all seafaring staff.


Seagull offices:


Seagull Maritime AS 

Gamleveien 36

P.O. Box 1062

N-3194 Horten, Norway

Tel: +47 33 03 0910

Seagull AS is certified in accordance with DNV Rules for Classification of Maritime Training Provider (3.403).