Seagull Norway

Seagull Maritime AS

Gamleveien 36P.O. Box 1062
N-3194 Horten, Norway
Phone: +47 33 03 09 10
Fax: +47 33 04 62 79

Your contacts are:

Mr. Knut Haakon Hestenes Hansen
Area Sales Manager - Team Leader Europe South and Middle East 

Mr. Nikolai Øvrevold
Area Sales Manager, Team Leader Europe North and Americas

Product Information 

Mrs. Ellen Margrethe Nybøe
Product Advisor

Ms. Stine Holm
Product Advisor

Mrs. Lena Olsen
Product Advisor

Mr. Dan Gunnar Hugvik
Product Advisor

Ms. Hege Hanssen
Senior Contract Coordinator

Seagull offices:


Seagull Maritime AS 

Gamleveien 36

P.O. Box 1062

N-3194 Horten, Norway

Tel: +47 33 03 0910

Seagull AS is certified in accordance with DNV Rules for Classification of Maritime Training Provider (3.403).