Training where you are

Seagull Onboard Courses are unique and cost effective way of completing required training.

The combination of CBT (theory) and practical exercises has given the participants the freedom to choose when they want to do the training onboard. Each Onboard training course has a procedure including a workbook with practical exercises and a detailed description of how to complete the course.

We have also seen that using the ship itself and the equipment as training tools, will give the participants more knowledge about the ship and the equipment they are operating. In addition it is very easy for the responsible training officer to follow up the training for each individual on board and to save the training activities in the Seagull Administrator program.

* The prices shown in the columns is for issuance of a certificate.  
In addition a subscription fee for the CBT titles will apply.

   The prices can be changed without further notice.


All received applications are filed and we compare them with our records of previously submitted applications. 

Seagull will charge for applications which are found to be copied from a previously submitted application or consider to be fraudulent.

Course description Version No. Procedure & Workbook USD prices*
Assessor 24.NOV-2014 230.00
Automatic Identification System 20.NOV-2014 140.00
Ballast Water Management 20.NOV-2014 140.00
Crisis & crowd management 20.NOV-2014 230.00
Enclosed Space Entry 08.APR-2015 140.00
Lockout Tagout 24.AUG-2015 140.00
Low Sulphur Operation 12.MAR-2015 140.00
Marine Environmental Awareness 01.OCT-2013 140.00
Maritime Leadership and Communication 01.JAN-2008 140.00
Maritime Leadership and Management 01.JAN-2008 140.00
Safety Health and Environment 15.JAN-2015 140.00
Safety Officer 20.NOV-2014 140.00
Security Awareness – for personnel without designated security duties 20.NOV-2014 230.00
Security Duties – for personnel with designated security duties 20.NOV-2014 230.00
Ship Security Officer (SSO) 05.AUG-2015 230.00
Ship Security Officer (SSO) Upgrade MAR - 2015 95.00
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